In this wordpress tutorial I will tell you some features, how to login to wordpress admin portal or CMS (content management system) for your website you just installed wordpress and  guide of options available in CMS.

If you didn’t learn about how to Install wordpress using Cpanel, learn here then continue to this tutorial.



Visit your website using https://domain_name.com”. There you find the theme we installed and some demo content. Have a look of that by visiting website.

Wordpress Tutorial


If you remember after installing wordpress there were 2 URL given one is for your website and other for administration login page which looks like “https://domain_name.com/wp-admin/(visit this link).

Then you see wordpress login page for your website. There you find two fields

wordpress login page

  • Username or Email address: By default will be “admin@domain_name.com”
  • Password: Which you created at time of Installation under Admin Account


Once you logged in you will see something like this, now let understand overview about all then we will discuss them in detail in our next tutorials.

wordpress cms home page


In this top menu you will have many options here I have 6, you may have different numbers sometimes depend upon theme you installed or plugin added (discuss later).

Now let understand each from 1 to 6 options

home page top menu cms

1. WordPress symbol (W)

Here you will find information related to wordpress like About wordpress, wordpress official website wordpress.org, documentation, support and feedback.

about wordpress

You don’t need to worry about it because this section not used in website making.

2. Home

Here you can see a Home symbol, this will give us option to visit website, just click and reach to the home page of website.

website home wordpress

3. Update

This tell us about there is an update for your for wordpress version,  theme and/or plugin. For example, here you can see this shows 6, means 6  update are available may be 4 plugin, 1 theme and 1 wordpress version or 6 plugin or any combination of 6.

wordpress update notification

4. Comment

This will tells about comment that are pending to get approved due to some reason including some spam or comments settings. As we just created website we don’t have any pending comment to approve.

wordpress comment

5. + New

Here + signs denote that add new, either page, post, media or user for your website.

add new in wordpress

6. Howdy, admin

Howdy admin means, How do you do admin, if you are other user like Andrew or Madhu it will appear, Howdy Madhu. From here you can edit your profile and logout from wordpress CMS.

howdy, admin in wordpress

Same function from 3 to 5 are available in the left sidebar menu, we will discuss each section in detail in upcoming tutorials.


home page side menu cms

Here you can see there is a number of options and each options has many options as well. Your options may be different  if you installed any other Theme.

Options which most usually we use to make website marked Bold below.

  1. Dashboard
    1. Home
    2. Updates
  2. Posts
    1. All posts 
    2. Add New
    3. Categories
    4. Tags
  3. Media
    1. Library 
    2. Add New
  4. Pages
    1. All pages 
    2. Add new
  6. Appearance
    1. Themes 
    2. Customize
    3. Widgets
    4. Menus
    5. Background
    6. Theme Editor
  7. Plugins
    1. Installed Plugins
    2. Add New
    3. Plugin Editor
  8. Users
    1. All Users
    2. Add New
    3. Your Profile
  9. Tools
    1. Available Tools
    2. Import
    3. Export
    4. Site health
    5. Import Personal Data
    6. Erase Personal Data
  10. Settings
    1. General
    2. Writing
    3. Reading
    4. Discussion
    5. Media
    6. Permalinks
    7. Privacy
  11. Collapse menu

As there are several options available and I don’t want to skip any thing. I created its sub parts, which we will discuss in different serial order, not the same shown above. Continue to the next topic, link given below.

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  8. Settings
    1. General
    2. Reading
  9. Appearance
    1. Menus
    2. Widgets
  10. Plugin
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