5V Power supply

Power supply 5V DC from input 220-230V AC

We learned earlier about all components we are going to use in making 5V power supply like transformer, bridge rectifier, capacitor, voltage regulator 7805

5V Power Supply Circuit
5V Power Supply Circuit

1) Taking transformer 5V 2A which help us to step down the voltage from 230V AC to 5V AC

2) Then we are using bridge rectifier which converts AC signal to DC signal. But you can see this is not proper DC signal.

Full wave rectified wave

3) Next we are using electrolytic capacitor “C1” of 470 uF, which makes this output curve smoother somehow like this

4) Then ceramic capacitor “C2” of 0.01uF is used to make curve more smoother

5) Then we are using voltage regulator 7805 for constant voltage of 5V

6) Then again we are using ceramic capacitor “C3” of 0.01 uF which makes it almost perfect DC signal with smooth curve as output. And we are able to get 5V DC supply across the output terminals

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viplav anand
viplav anand
8 months ago

Nice. This diagram is really simple to understand.

Devendra singh chouhan
6 months ago

Osam simple diagram and working

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