RFID Application


rfid application

  • RFID is used in many applications like attendance system in which every person will have their separate RFID tag which will help identify person and their attendance.

  • It is used in many companies to provide access to their authorized employees.

  • RFID also helpful to keep track of goods and in automated toll collection system on highway by embedding Tag (having unique ID) on them.

  • Robotics

  • Security systems

  • Medical tags

  • Package Identification

  • Data authorization

  • Unique Identity

  • Body implants of animals

  • These tags can be attached to almost any object. Usually target objects are containers, baggage, apparel, construction materials, laundry and bottles.

  • They can also attached to vehicles, humans and animals.

  • Some RFID tags are also designed for rugged, outdoor-based applications usually attached to trucks, cargo containers and light rail cars for cargo tracking, fleet management, vehicle tracking, vehicle identification and supply container tracking, among others.

These are the some RFID application, there are many areas where you can use them.

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