What is Arduino?

First of all Arduino is an open source computer hardware and software company and user community that designs and manufactures single-board micro-controllers and controllers kits also called Development board for building digital devices. In simple Arduino is a company which makes both hardware and software (IDE – Integrated Development Environment) for their hardware.

Arduino Hardware

Hardware is development boards like Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, Arduino Due, Arduino Nano, LilyPad Arduino etc.

Different types of Arduino boards

Arduino Software

Software is the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This software is used to write the programming code and to upload the code into Arduino Uno board, after uploading done message shows programming code has been written or saved in microcontroller (ATMEGA328) placed on Arduino Uno.

Arduino IDE Software

What Arduino community provides…

Arduino community’s aim is just to make aware the world towards the electronics which can give us many solutions relating to our daily lives. Students or electronic hobbyist who want to do something in electronics but wouldn’t able to do anything because of less knowledge and difficult structure of electronic circuits. Arduino make things for them, not to lose interest in electronics.

Arduino is based on which programming language?

Programming language used for arduino is C and C++ concepts, as it follows C concept and OPPS (object oriented programming system) concept as well.

Why Arduino?

Earlier techies used different micro-controllers which have difficult/complex programming (assembly language) to write programming code in micro-controller and we need a separate burner to burn code in micro-controller.

To overcome this, complex programming replaced by high level programming language and all the essential things like burner and different IC, power supply of 3.3V and 5V as well by different voltage regulator IC’s is now built on board called as Development board like Arduino Uno.

Arduino uploads its boot to the controller so that the micro-controller can be programmed by Arduino software. Arduino software gives us flexibility in programming by providing inbuilt library to user for many interfaces.

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